DateFMar. 8-10, 2011

PlaceFMeijo University@@Access
@@Tempaku Campus
@@Meijo University
@@1-501 Shiogamaguchi,Tempaku-ku,Nagoya City, Aichi,Japan

TopicsFNanoscience and nanotechnology associated with fullerenes, nanotubes, graphene and related materials.

PresentationsFOral and Poster (as usual)

Main Poster


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Registration and Abstract Submission
Deadline: Jan. 17, 2011

EAbstract manuscript is 1 Page with A4 Paper in English.
EPlease submit the abstract as
PDF file with ".pdf" extension. Please be sure to embed all fonts in the document.
EWe cannot correct PDF file, so please check your abstract before submission.
EWe will register your file name automatically when you upload the abstract file.
EIf you have trouble with your submission, please contact here.

Young Scientist Poster Award

Deadline: Jan. 17, 2011

Application Method
A person wishing to apply for the Young Scientist Poster Award should do so when applying to give a presentation at the symposium.
Please apply for the registration and abstract submission, select "Apply to the Young Scientist Poster Award" by the abstract submission form, and fill in date of birth and the age.

Notice to applicant
(1)An applicant for the Young Scientist Poster Award must be a member of the Society at the time of application.
(2)We have established the Young Scientist Poster Award to recognize superior poster presentations by students and young researchers (in principle, 31 years of age or younger at the time of application).
(3)Please apply by "Poster presentation".

An applicant may submit only one application based on a single presentation.

Regulations for the Fullerenes and Nanotubes Research Societyfs Young Scientist Poster Award is HERE.


No pre-registration for symposium or banquet is necessary!
All registrations will be ON-SITE

Registration Fee
Member Normal Student
\5,000 \2,500
Non-member Normal Student
\1,0000 \5,000
Supporting Member \75,000 per 5 Member

Above registration fee includes one copy of proceedings.

Annual Membership Fee: \8,000 for general, \4,000 for students, \75,000 per share for supporting members.





kOral Sessionl
Default presentation media is PC projector.
Please use your PC.
If you are Mac user, do not forget to bring your 15 pin connector, please.
Please connect your PC to the projector and check to work properly before your presentation.

kPoster Sessionl
Poster panel size is width 90 cm x height 210 cm.
Poster preview (OHP only) is 1 minite, within 3 transparencies.
Please put your poster on the board

Special Lecture

\Plenary Lecture[

Sumio IijimaiMeijo UniversityENagoya Universityj

Young Hee LeeiSungkyunkwan University, Koreaj
uCarrier Control of Carbon Nanotube Transistorv

\Special Lecture[

Amanda S. BarnardiCSIRO Materials Sci. & Eng., Australiaj
uGeomeric & Electronic Structures of 5-nm Diamond Particlesv

Masataka Hasegawai
AIST Nanotube Research Centerj
uLow-temperature synthesis of graphene using microwave plasma CVDv

Masahiro HiramotoiNational Institutes of Natural Sciences, Institute for Molecular Science j
uFundamentals and Recent Progress of Organic Thin-film Solar Cellsv

Ryota YugeiGreen Innovation Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation)
uApplication of Flat-Panel Field Emission Lamp using Carbon Nanotube-Carbon Nanohorn Cathodesv


`The 7th Tutorial`

Toshiaki Enoki
(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
DateF15:00`16:30, Mar. 8, 2011
PlaceFm103 Lecture Room .
Members only


DateF18:30`, Mar. 9, 2011
PlaceFF15 of Tower75 in Meijo University
Participation FeeF\5,000

`The Osawa Award, Iijima Award, Osawa Award for Young Scientists, and Iijima Award for Young Scientists Ceremony`

DateFMar. 9, 2011, After Lunch
PlaceFMeijo Hall (Oral Hall)


Nagoya Convention and Visitors Burea


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